As of 1st November 2019, ZTrade will no longer be available for new business.

We have recently launched our new and improved E Trade platform – Zurich Online and this is replacing ZTrade.
Zurich Online features 8 improved products, including Combined and Cyber. As soon as you have access, you can obtain quotes, bind business, make adjustments and deal with upcoming renewals (we are migrating all existing SME policies onto Zurich Online, ahead of the renewal date).
Note: Ztrade remains available for adjustments to existing policies.


Already activated…

Circa 1000 broker offices have been activated and can stop using ZTrade for new business. Click on this link to access Zurich Online

Activation required…

You may already have a designated Administrator in your office that can enable access to Zurich Online. If you have, they can provide access in just a few minutes.
If you don’t have an Administrator, please call the Zurich E Trade team on 0800 916 0626. It takes just a few simple steps to get access for an Administrator and users.
Alternatively you can click on this link, provide the requested information and our E Trade team will contact you within a maximum of 48 hours

Contact us
Email us at

Having trouble logging into Ztrade? Call Access Support on 0800 068 1806
For Zurich Online call the E Trade team on 0800 916 0626
To talk to an Underwriter call 0800 026 1814 for non-motor risks and 0800 028 1774 for Fleet