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Thank you for your continued use of ZTrade.

Please note that we have now launched our brand new Extranet, Zurich Online and will be contacting you during May to provide access. Zurich Online will replace ZTrade and this means:

New Business

You should start to use Zurich Online as soon as you have been activated. ZTrade will remain available for new business quotations until 31st October 2019.


We are migrating all existing SME policies over to Zurich Online, so that you can access all of your Zurich SME customers in one place. The first migrating policies have a 1st May renewal date and you will begin to receive weekly emails from 15th April that contain a link to the migrated policy, in Zurich Online.

We will endeavour to ensure you are activated in time to be able to access these policies but should this not be the case, we will assume the policy is renewing and any existing Direct Debit arrangement is to continue. As soon as you have access to Zurich Online, you will be able to access and amend these policies, in the interim you just need to call either our Leeds (Combined and Fleet) or Cardiff SME Centre of Excellence.


ZTrade will continue to be available for 12 months, so that you can make policy amendments.

Important:  In December 2018 we advised we would not be offering renewal on single vehicle Commercial Car / Commercial Vehicle policies and that multi vehicle policies would be migrated to Zurich Online. Please be aware Zurich Online will not offer a Commercial Car / Commercial Vehicle product.


Register for Zurich Online

If you have not had access to Ztrade previously, to obtain access to the new Zurich Online, please complete this short form, and we will be in touch

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Contact us

Email us at broker@uk.zurich.com

If you are having trouble logging in to ZTrade call Access Support on 0800 068 1806

If you want to talk to an underwriter call us on 0800 026 1814

To view our ZTrade Frequently Asked Questions click here.

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